Re: General Question

David Kramer

Interesting thing at this point in my life is I am not interested in what I can sell something for as I live debt free...

On 9/30/2020 11:51 PM, chrisw_63 wrote:
Since you said it was a Boss product, judging from the video it's a Boss GT-1, or one of it's predecessors.  It's not easy to see the details, but that looks closest.  Decent digital pedal with lots of options.  Boss is the (in my opinion) "lower-cost products" subsidiary of Roland - a fairly high end music product company.  Boss products might not be priced like their Roland cousins, but they're still decent.  Since you've never used the FCB-1010, you could probably sell it for half the cost of the GT-1, if you wanted, but any decent pedal, or even built in Amp effects, can mimic the sound in the video.

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