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Roger Colwell

Chris, I've had a short private conversation with David in which I suggested that I thought it looked like a Boss ME-20, but on further reflection it seems more likely to be a Boss ME-25 as it's black (and the ME-20 wasn't). I checked and secondhand ME-25s go for around $100 or less in the US and whilst I agree with you that David should advertise and sell the FCB1010 + UnO + original chip, he has indicated that he'd rather give it away to a worthy person, completely FOC. The problem with that idea is deciding who might be worthy of receipt and I, being in the UK, am furthest away from any suitable ideas for a solution, other than to agree that it would be best to sell it.

As for the new guitarist in his bassist son's band, though I asked whether he owns an amp and/or pedals, David only responded so far by saying he owns a Gibson guitar. My immediate thought about that is that it's highly unlikely that a Gibson owner would have no backline of any description, but I'm guessing that it's currently not prudent for David Snr to ask -- hopefully he will now tell us.

And to David himself, I apologise for talking about you in the third person. If you have no other way of finding out the extent of the new guitarist's backline gear other than asking him or your son, my advice to you would be to quietly observe what happens around any rehearsals they might have, or talk about. Ongoing, if it helps, you are welcome to contact me directly whenever you choose, or ask further questions here.
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