Re: General Question

OSS Architect

As other's have pointed out what the fcb1010 won't do, I'll just chime in on "what to do" to get what you want:

- buy pedals like Source Audio that have built-in MIDI support
- buy pedals like Chase Bliss that take a separate 1/4 TRS cable that plugs into a MIDI interface box (not the fcb1010)
- buy a hybrid MIDI contoller-switching system (you would only do this for performance reasons, not to save money).

look at the second diagram on this page: to understand what option 3 is.

I keep all my pedals in drawers in a rack cabinet behind the amps. This way I have only the fcb1010 under my feet. The MIDI out
from the fcb1010 goes to the effects cabinet which is populated with 6-8 way midi switchers with mostly regular (non-midi) pedals
plugged into them. This was built years ago, ut know you can buy something like a "cheap" BOSS ES-8.... or a Gig Rig system if 
you have the money.

I also use the "DAW approach" using an IPad I already have, and cheap effects plug-ins from the Apple Store. Then stereo out to amps 
or FoH. There is a time delay in this approach which is a problem playing live (or learning), but not when multi-track recording in
your bedroom.

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