Re: Dead pedal switch


Sadly, Behringer didn't use the highest quality switches.  They do die on occasion.  They can be replaced if you're handy with a soldering iron, but while it's easy to find buttons that "work" and fit in the same holes, it's harder to find exactly the same vertical size - some are taller, some are shorter.

Shorter ones can end up not getting pushed due to the actuator's built in stop.  The stop prevents you from putting pressure on the circuit board.  A foot can put a lot of pressure on a switch, so don't disable the stop.  Instead, you can raise the switch.  Either use a shim underneath the button before soldering it, or glue something to the stem of the button to make that taller.  Use the old button to match the right size.

If they're too tall, your foot will put pressure on the circuit board, so it has to be pretty accurate.  If the stem is long enough, you can cut it down with a Dremel tool or sandpaper.  I wouldn't recommend using a knife - it can be done, but these things are really small, that button stem is really hard plastic, and you risk cutting yourself. Side cutters (like wire cutters, only bigger) will leave a nasty looking button, won't be very accurate, and might break the button.  Behringer should probably have used an optical or Hall Effect switch - those can last a very long time, and there'd be no danger of pressure on the circuit board.

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