Re: Need Help FCB1010 + AT4 on Logic Pro X

Cem Solak

Hi Ej sorry for the late response work was hectic. :(

Actually I find out two solutions but none of them completely solve my issues

Solution one: (I think it is similar to what you meant. This guys video

Remaining Problem: 

I can control AT4 with already existing (stand-alone mode) midi settings yet when I record guitar on Logic it records clean audio file only, not the Midi channel I've linked to audio like a/m video does.

Solution 2: This guy's video

Remaining Problem: 

When I shut down the program, (Logic) every setting I made is gone. Once I re-open Logic I had to start over and re-set footswitch. It does not matter whether I save the project or not. No change, still settings are gone.

Do you have any suggestions any of the above solutions or am I missing something?

Cheers and many thanks for every help you've made so far. Much appreciated.


EJ SHELDON <bluesrock13@...>, 1 Eki 2020 Per, 04:43 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

That wasn't my only suggestion. That just prevents the MIDI from the FCB from interfering with the built-in LOGIC functions.
Set up a MIDI track to bring in MIDI from the INTERFACE that the FCB is connected to, then send the OUTPUT of that track to the AUDIO track that AT4 is inserted on.
Attached is a screenshot of what it looks like in Ableton LIVE.

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