Re: Need Help FCB1010 + AT4 on Logic Pro X


Problem 1 - The AUDIO track will ONLY record AUDIO. To record the MIDI info, you need to record the MIDI track also. Refer to my screenshot attached above. Set BOTH tracks to RECORD.

Problem 2 - What settings are you referring to? Your AT4 MIDI settings should be the same for both standalone and VST, and reflect the assignments saved in the FCB. Changes made to the VST (active preset, AT4 AUDIO settings) are (or should be) saved by Logic when you save the project. If you mean changes to the FCB, they will not be saved in Logic, they need to be saved on the FCB itself, and AT4 needs to be configured to respond accordingly to the FCB settings.

Remember that the MIDI track serves to bring the MIDI info from the FCB into the DAW. The settings in the DAW MIDI track CHANNEL the MIDI to the VST on the AUDIO track. If you RECORDĀ  BOTH the AUDIO AND MIDI tracks, they'll playback in sync, and the recorded MIDI will be sent to AT4 on the AUDIO track.

As mentioned, I don't use Logic. Various DAWs have different switches (usually the TRACK MONITOR or whatever Logic calls it) that may need to be set differently to RECORD vs PLAYBACK. When you PLAYBACK, you need to AT LEAST disable RECORD on both tracks, or the track will be written over. Other switches in Logic I can't help you with. Maybe someone here who uses Logic will be able to help with that. You might want to start a new thread called NEED HELP WITH LOGIC PRO X.

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