Re: yamaha Tyros 5 with FCB1010


As usual, since I don't know you or your familiarity with MIDI, etc, I may explain things you already know - Apologies if that bothers you.

How are you connecting the FCB1010 to the Tyros?  It can only be done with regular MIDI 5-pin DIN cables.  If you have a USB to MIDI converter cable, you could hook both the Tyros and FCB1010 to a computer and have the computer route MIDI to the Tyros (or a MIDI box like the iConnectivity mioXM can do the same).  The Tyros' USB connections are not for connection to MIDI devices other than a computer.  Sort of.  Please note that you only need one 5-pin DIN cable - from the FCB1010 MIDI Out to the Tyros' MIDI IN.  The Tyros can't send anything to the FCB1010 that it will listen to, so the other cable isn't needed for this (but both are needed for programming the FCB1010 from a computer).

If you need any of the manuals for the keyboard, I found them here:

From the manual, it is supposed to work, but whoever wrote it didn't go for readability.  There's a chart starting on page 81 of the ambiguously named "Tyros5 Data List" (obvious that's where all the MIDI info is, right???) that lists the usable MIDI messages.  At the very least, it's supposed to play notes sent with MIDI, so you could try to verify the connection by just programming Note messages into the FCB1010.  At the same time, program one of the expression pedals for CC # 7.  This should be volume.  This is a very simple setup to troubleshoot and get things working.  From the manual, it appears as if all of this is set up ready for an external controller.

On page 140, it lists the MIDI Receive Settings.  Port 1 and Port 2 refer to the two sets of MIDI 5-pin DIN jacks on the back, and also to two USB MIDI ports.  (It has two MIDI ports on the same USB jack - the USB TO HOST (type B).  The other USB jack labelled USB TO DEVICE is only for USB memory sticks or a USB Wireless adapter.)  But most important, at the bottom there's a section labelled Rx Monitor, and parts of it flash when it receives MIDI data.  This will help to troubleshoot your MIDI connection from the FCB1010 to the Tyros.

If none of that works, you may need to fool around in the menu system with the MIDI settings, specifically the MIDI channel settings and 'Local' settings for each voice.  Page 138 of the Reference Manual says that turning off Local disconnects the keys from the internal voices..."For example, this allows you to use an external MIDI sequencer to play the instrument’s internal Voices, and use the instrument keyboard to record notes to the external sequencer and/or play an external tone generator."  This does not mean that it won't accept MIDI notes when Local is On, but nowhere in the entire thing does it say that it will, so.. YMMV.

Hope this helps.

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