Re: New Owner using SooperLooper under Linux


Ashley -
I really liked "By the time it matters to you, you'll have your answer!", and I do understand. I always have to push myself to dive into things as a part of learning.

You have given me a better idea about how I might use the banks. I think I will be more of a "soundscape" performer than a "cover artist".
btw, I am in awe of Randolf Arriola - and yes, I am sitting at the home city of the Y2K International Live Looping Festival mentioned in the Ted Talk.

I have already made SooperLooper work by teaching it to take midi  notes from my keyboard and start, and I have gotten some help at 

I am in the middle of programing bank 1 to send "note on" commands, so I can let SL learn them  and experiment with actually looping instead of sitting and staring at manuals of SL. FCB1010 and Echoplex (recommended by Jesse

Thank you for taking the time to post, and for your encouragement.

- Rob

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