Re: NEW USER - Problems with FCB1010 mapping Cubase 5


I'm a newb as well, I feel your pain.

You said "I changed the PC messages with different numbers" but the MIDI learn function is usually reliable - so I suspect that you have not saved the changes by doing  "Exit PRESET programming mode through keeping the DOWN/ESCAPE key"
for a few seconds" as in "2.4.2 Programming switches" in the manual.

It seem a long press of
the DOWN/ESCAPE key is required after any change.

Please remember that I am new, and Ms. CJA and others in this group are far more reliable than I.

Oh, here is a video that the user Steve Beukema made just so he could remember ONE basic programming task
I found it helpful, and some reassurance that I am not the first person to struggle with this.
Good Luck, let us know if you resolve this.

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