Re: NEW USER - Problems with FCB1010 mapping Cubase 5


Welcome New User!
First some info/advice.
1) How do you KNOW that your changes took?
You need a MIDI MONITOR. MIDIOX is full featured and FREE:
2) Forget manual programming it's a PITA. Use an editor. This one is FREE:
3) However, unless you read HEX, it's MIDI MONITOR won't be much help. Plus, it's ancient and unsupported. This is THE BEST, works with the stock chip as well as the UNO chip, and has usable MIDI MONITOR. It's NOT FREE. Costs <>$22. WORTH EVERY PENNY!
Now to your problem.
Most DAWS "listen" on channel 1. When using "Learn" they "hear" the first message received. The FCB sends it's messages in a specific order - PC1,PC2,PC3,PC4,CC1,CC2,PC5. When you assign a CC, you also need to UN-assign the default PC1 or that's what "learn" will "hear".
That should solve your problem.
Additional note: When sending messages to VSTs, use a different MIDI channel, for instance CH2. That prevents the DAW from reacting inadvertently to a message meant for the VST.

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