Re: NEW USER - Problems with FCB1010 mapping Cubase 5


Thank you very much for the very specific answer. I used midiox to see what it could appear by pressing one-by-one 1,2 and 3 and this was the result:

Now I don't understand much of this, but I assigned (manually) 1 to CC 34, 2 to CC 35 and 3 to CC 36. I don't know if it read it properly. 

About the editor: I tried to change the messages in the spreadsheet and send them to the pedalboard, it seemed it was working (the led on the cable for midi in turned on) but when I checked manually, the PC on the channels were always the same as before. Also in doing the opposite way, sending the messages from the fcb1010 to the editor, it always appeared on the spreadsheet the 1,1,1,1,1... setting.

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