Re: Volume pedal starts at -db

David Grosz

Editor is based on what chip is in it, l recomend getting the UnO2 chip and options for the pedals is to me worth the 50.00 and it comes with an online editor.  So with that said I use Fractal and it knows volume is full when using a patch with volume.  Midi is not a mystery but maybe something Line6 based.  If you have stock chip FCB do a search for FCB1010 editor and the free one is Mountain something.  Also stock chip the pedals must be setup for every switch to work,but b.c with UnO2 chip they can default on powerup to be say a volume and a wah

On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 10:13 AM, steve alldridge
<Exchubbguy@...> wrote:
Hi guys I have owned the 1010 for one day and am ok with programming patch changes into my line 6 HX STOMP.
Having calibrated my expression pedals I have assigned the volume pedal to the the output volume of a HX stomp patch.
The issue I have is when I select the patch I need  to move the volume pedal to get any volume. It starts at - volume and the volume pedal needs moving to get any sound no matter where the volume rocker is set.
Does anyone know her way around this?
Also can anyone recommend a good editor for either PC or mac which would make this a lot easier.

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