Setting Up The Fcb1010 with The new Boss RC-500q


Hello Everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this topic that some people may find interesting if resolved :-) !!

I recently purchase both FCB1010 and RC500.  I previously connected the FCB1010 to a RC505 and it worked fine with the addition of the fcb505 chip.   I ended up selling the rc505 because i wanted to have a floor pedal instead of desktop.  
The Issue:   I can not get  both equipment to work together.  The Fcb1010 would only send the channel number instead of actions, and the RC500 keeps on disconnecting (midi turning off)  from FCB1010 somehow.  Could it be an incompatibility issue?

Please help if someone has been able to connect and work with these 2 great units!

Its greatly appreciated it.!

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