Re: Setting Up The Fcb1010 with The new Boss RC-500q


The FCB-505 firmware just sends a hardcoded MIDI message with each switch press/release, it doesn't contain banks, it doesn't require any setup, so there can be no problem with a MIDI interface. 
You can find the MIDI messages sent by the FCB-505 firmware on the first page of the manual ( ) . You will need to configure the RC-500 to react to those specific messages on that specific channel, just like with the RC-505. Apparently MIDI settings are explained on p.13 of the parameter guide. 
If you say that the unit "disconnects" (MIDI "turning off") I suspect that it is in some mode for syncing the MIDI clock of 2 units. Simply controlling the RC-500 parameters from the FCB1010 doesn't require any 2-way communication so it shouldn't trigger any "disconnect" error.

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