Re: Expression Pedals, Amplitube 4, Reaper 6.19


The following assumes that you are using the stock FCB Chip (not UNO):

The EXP pedals have to be configured in every preset.
You have to select a preset before the pedals become active.

In Amplitube MIDI>Control Change>GLOBAL there's a parameter for WAH. It needs to be set to the CC# that your EXP pedal is sending.
The WAH needs to be turned on using a DIFFERENT CC# assigned to the specific Slot that the WAH is in.

NOTE: the following Global Slot Bypass settings are for AT3/4, NOT AT5.In AT5 the Stomp Slot Bypass needs to be set PER PRESET. PITA!
Support has been notified that this is contrary to what it says in the AT5 manual. HOPEFULLY they'll fix that!
ITRW, WAH usually comes first in the signal chain (or after the tuner), so for this example, Slot 1
IF you put the WAH in Stomp A Slot 1
AND assign an FCB button to send CNT1 = CC# (your choice) + Value 0 (ON in AT); CNT2 = SAME CC# + Value = 127 (OFF in AT) to Slot 1
AND assign the EXP A (or B) to a DIFFERENT CC#
AND assign that CC# to the WAH parameter
AND do that in every FCB preset that corresponds to an Amplitube Preset that contains a WAH
THEN the WAH will be ON and the EXP pedal ACTIVE when you press the FCB Button to call the Amplitube Preset, and succesive presses of the button will toggle the WAH ON/OFF.

If you don't want the WAH to be active when you call the Amplitube preset just reverse the CNT1/CNT2 Values (127/0 vs 0/127).

There you go!

Using UNO is SO much easier.....

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