Re: Setting Up The Fcb1010 with The new Boss RC-500q


On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 08:08 PM, <rmilby@...> wrote:
Don't expect the FCB1010 to work with the RC-500 out of the box. The pedal need to be programmed to send the same commands that the FCB-505 sends. 
That sounds very confusing to me, if with "the pedal" you mean the FCB1010. 
The original poster has an FCB1010 equipped with FCB-505 firmware. This means the FCB1010 does not need to be programmed, it is even impossible to program it. It is the RC-500 which needs to be programmed so that it responds to the commands which the FCB1010 sends.
How to configure the RC-505 (for which this firmware was designed) is explained in following video : , the original poster is searching for similar instructions for the RC-500. Maybe other RC-500 users have experience with this?   

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