Re: New Owner using SooperLooper under Linux


I have succeeded in programing all the Bank 0 locations to be Notes, and have started to "learn" SooperLooper to respond.

To other beginners: The manual for this is confusing and poorly written and difficult to understand, but I think it is accurate. The single most difficult thing for me was learning how to tell where I was in the programming  sequence. My early attempts often ending in power off - start again.
Finally, when I began talking to myself in earnest ( a clear an indication that the Right Brain knows things that the Left does not) I would  recite:
I want to program location (bank,key_num) (change bank, press key)
I really want to program (DOWN long press)  => sw 2 LED on
I want to select Midi Function ( Up Key quick press) => SELECT LED on
I want to program this function ( Note Function Key long press)
I really want to ( Note Function Key quick press)
I really, really want to ( Up Key quick press) number LED display - it it shows correct number RETYPE it anyway)
Program the note number (tap number keys 0-9)
Done with Location ( DOWN long press )
Watching the "In The Mix" Video was very helpful, as were reassurance from this group that it is possible to program the damn thing, all are very much appreciated.
I think this is impossible without a monitor on your computer - Midisnoop worked for me on Linux with QjackCTL
I also recommend using a known good device (like a midi keyboard) to be sure that your cables , connections and computer software are all working before you start.
Don't forget to change the channel of "CNT 1"  to prevent "Tap-Tempo" messages from going to your midi channel of interest.


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