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Chris Astles

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I've never used BeatBuddy, so can't give you much in the way of specific advice, but the general answer is, "if you can do it by MIDI, you can do it with the FCB1010"

Looking at the "Tempo Control" section in the BeatBuddy MIDI manual, it looks like to trigger a tempo change you would have to send two CC messages - one to 106 with (tempo / 128) rounded down (x) and another to 107 with (tempo - (128 * x)) , with a min of 40 and a max of 300 (see examples).

MSB (CC-106)LSB (CC-107)Resultant tempo

As for changing pop/polka/fusion beat, assuming that is a "Song" in BeatBuddy, looks like that needs two CCs and a PC. (See "Folder/Song Select" section in same manual as before). Note that the PC would need to be after the CCs, which I believe Prog Chg 5 is the only one which goes after the CCs.

So for number 1, it looks like it would have to be two separate taps - one to change tempo and one to change program. So you could have "Change to Pop" as pedal 1, "Change to 150BPM" as pedal 2, "Change to Polka" as pedal 3, "Change to 160BMP" as pedal 4 etc.

Number 2 - CC111 controls pause/unpause, I think that will be enough?

Number 3 - Don't know enough about the BeatBuddy to make a call on that, sorry

Number 4 - Increase - CC96 / Val, Decrease - CC97 / Val. Each tap in/decrements by Val BPM. Would have to be two separate pedals

Number 5 - Don't think so. Looks like you can only send a CC with a specific value from 0-100 for the volume.

Number 6 - Nothing in that manual about key changes, so looks like a no, at least from the point of view of doing it via FCB.

If you haven't already, check out this video about programming the presets,

And maybe consider buying FCB Control Center to configure the presets via PC/Mac rather than doing it all manually.

Hope this helps!

On Mon, 28 Dec 2020, 23:24 aronshapiro, <aronshap@...> wrote:
Hi all, this is my first post so I appreciate your understanding. Here is what I am looking to be able to do.
I perform as a guitarist and lead singer at small events that have long dance sets. The songs are ethnic/religious songs. The style is that I will play one song right into the other. Here are some of the things I would like to be able to do:
  1. Transition from one beat style to another. For example, playing a Pop beat at 150 BPM and then with one tap of my foot to switch to a Polka at 160 BPM, then with another tap of my foot switch to a Fusion beat at 110 BPM. 
  2. I'd also want to have a foot pedal that can stop the beat all together
  3. and another pedal that can just jump to a bass drum without any other percussion sounds.
  4. Another foot pedal that can increase or decrease the BPM
  5. Another foot pedal that can increase or decrease the volume
  6. An additional functionality I would love to have is to able to have different chords to be able to play along with the guitar, e.g. E minor, G Major, D Major, C Major, A Minor, B Minor, B Major
I'm thinking that this all may be too complex to configure with one MIDI machine, so maybe it would be possible with 2 taps of the foot with different banks?
I know this may be a lot and may be very time consuming to configure, but is it possible with the BeatBuddy along with the FCB1010?
Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!

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