Re: FCB1010 with BeatBuddy


Think of it as a marriage between three: your layout of buttons that works well for how/what you play (this is largely a human thing, how well do you remember what button does what, is the layout logical, this takes time to figure out), what the FCB1010 can output as midi, what your DAW can do. For me it was spending weeks figuring out layouts and fine tuning them, printing out button maps and hoping I’d remember what button does what, then looking at Ableton Live my DAW (in your case Beat Buddy). Soon you will discover limitations of all three compared to what you want to do. Odds are you will need an extra layer of automation to tie it all together, for me it was ClyphXPro which is an automation layer in Ableton Live. Budget is also a consideration. Personally I believe the FCB1010 needs more work to be a fully functional foot controller, many here would disagree, expression pedal control is poor (not fine enough in increments), button layout could be better like using it as a piano keyboard, polyphonic missing, text programmable LEDs (hints of what button does), correct documentation of SYSEX commands, the list goes on, BUT it is an affordable unit and gets there almost/nearenough/goodenough;) . So yes you can do what you want for your BeatBuddy but be prepared to get other tools to make that marriage work.

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