Re: yamaha Tyros 5 with FCB1010

WilliamFinland <natureflyers@...>

Hi Josef
Now home and red throgh your message angain carefully.

Few questions thoug.
- In Tyron mfc10 template you can
.... send the seleced functions of all 10 buttons via midi a or b and channal via midi out port with just one send command to
... fcb1010 midi in port when it it is at the same cannel

If fcb does not work the same way like mfc10 ( Should work because it sends only midi note values) then i sould program each note value for each celected function to each bank , but from where i can find the note values to manually put in fcb. The mcf10 template does not show midi value just note name C# ... and function.

Im a bit uncertain. What Im missing ?

Cheers William

Pure Nature Flyers PNF

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