Re: yamaha Tyros 5 with FCB1010


Hi again

Here I want to share some things that I forwarded to William. In case that somebody else has a Tyros and wants to try it.

On the YouTube video, not all note numbers will be shown. This means that you have to count theme by yourself. After E-1, the next note would be F-1. Since E-1 is 16, then F-1 must be 17. Anyway, I guess the table of the FCB1010 manual will help you more with that counting (page 10)

So, for knowing the value of, let's say G0, locate C0 on that table, which has the note number: 24. Now count notes until G0: C0 = 24, C#0 (or Db0) = 25, D0 = 26, D#0 (or Eb0) = 27, E0 = 28, F0 = 29, F#0 (or Gb0) = 30, and G0 = 31. So, there you go, you have that G0 = 31.

Anyway, you can also get this table where everything is already simplified:

Best regards

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