Re: yamaha Tyros 5 with FCB1010


Hi again

Since William awaked my curiosity, I just setup the 10 switches of my FCB1010 to match a Tyros function. So, here is how it is done.

First set the FCB1010 MIDI channel to whatever you want:
  1. If the FCB1010 is turned on, then turn it off
  2. Keep the "DOWN" switch pressed, then turn it on
  3. Do not release the switch until the "DIREC SELECT" LED turns green
  4. Press the "UP" switch once
  5. The led: "MIDI FUNCION" blinks
  6. Press the switch 10 (NOTE) once, then it will start blinking. On the display, you will see the MIDI channel used for sending notes
  7. To change it, press the "UP/ENTER" switch, the display starts blinking
  8. You can then input the channel you want by pushing the respective pedal numbers
  9. Then press the "UP/ENTER" switch
  10. Exit from the global settings by pressing the "DOWN/ESCAPE" switch by few secons

After this, go to your Tyros and do the following:

  1. Choose a Midi Configuration:
    • Press the button: "Function"
    • Then click "MIDI"
    • Chooose the MIDI preset you want to modify
    • Press: "Edit"
  2. Go to the tab: "MFC10"
  3. Once there, you should see the settings for the MIDI port: either: "MIDI A" or "MIDI B". Choose the port where you want to connect the FCB1010 (It should be connected to one input port)
  4. Setup also the MIDI channel the same as the one on your FCB1010
  5. You will see there the notes that you have to send from the FCB1010 and what they will do
    On the second column you see the note you have to send from the FCB1010 to activate that function and on the third column you will see the function that you want the Tyros excecutes, for example: "Rythm Start/Stop". You can modify those functions by pressing the display buttons.
  6. Once you have changed the template, save the changes

Finally, setup the FCB1010 to send the notes as required:


  1. Turn on the FCB1010
  2. Choose the Bank you want to use with the "UP" and "Down" switches
  3. Activate the switch you want to setup, ie: push the switch 1. It doesn't have to have the same order as in the table from the Tyros. At the end what matters is the note you send
  4. Press the "Down" switch for a few seconds until the display doesn't show anything
  5. Press once the "Up" switch
  6. Turn off all switches that are on, by pushing them few seconds
  7. Once all are off, press the switch 10 (NOTE) once, then a second time and leave it pressed until it turns on. Finaly press it again and then the LED will blink
  8. Press the switch UP/ENTER. You will see that the display blinks and you will see "00"
  9. Now you can enter the note number that you setup on the Tyros. Here a table with the equivalent note numbers:
  10. You have two ways of setting the note number:
    • With the left foot pedal
    • Or you can press the note number by using the switches, which are numbered from 1 till 10 (or zero)
  11. Once you see the note you want, then press the switch: "UP/ENTER"
  12. Exit from the programming mode by pressing the "DOWN/ESCAPE" switch for a few seconds until the display changes
  13. Repeat steps 3 until 12 to programm the other notes you want
  14. If you haven't done it yet, then connect the FCB1010 to the MIDI A or MIDI B input port, according to the one you setup on the Tyros

Please note that you can set upto 29 notes: from C#-1 (Note 0) until
F#1 (Note42). So, you may use upto three banks on your FCB1010 to acomplish this. However, I doubt you need that much.

Best regards


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