Re: Help with simple start stop programming


On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 09:06 PM, <walfried@...> wrote:
System Real-Time Message
MIDI Implementation Version: 1.00
1.Receive Data
System Real-Time Message
Timing ClockStatus     F8H
StartStatus                  FAH
ContinueStatus            FBH
StopStatus                   FCH
Active SensingStatus   FEH

Yikes!  You said  "any help is appreciated"  ...
In your post I could not read "
System Real-Time Message" which for our purposes, and int the manual, are Control Change (CC) Messages.
The values above are hexidecimal  F8H , is the hexidecimal number F8, or 0xf8 if you are a programmer.
In some midi table it would be shown as 1111 1000  the binary codes for F & 8 

I think others will be better able to help you with programming. You could help by letting us know if you have found the manual, and seen the programming video?

Learning to program this thing can be challenging. I have my pedal connected to my Linux computer, and I have a program "midisnoop"  that can monitor the messages. It made finding my mistakes much easier.

I'm afraid that is not  the quick answer you hoped for, but I hope it helps.

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