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Kevin Lague

I was doing this exact thing this weekend.

Found this: (way easier to use than programming everything with your feet, a la the video below; definitely worth the price)

and this in conjunction  with (shows you how to get the board and Ableton set up together)

I factory reset my board to use exclusively with Ableton; not sure if you're going to want to do that with the EurekaPROM. 

In that case, you may not want/need Just get into Ableton and map whatever you want from the FCB1010's MIDI messages! (click MIDI button in upper right of Ableton; you'll see an overlay; click the setting you want to pair with the FCB1010; then tap the FCB1010 switch you want to use for that setting)

On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 4:17 PM Michael McInerney <mickiemac@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone,


Does anyone have a simple way that they could share how to setup FCB 1010 with a EurekaProm into Ableton. I want to use it to control things like starting and stopping loops, freezing reverb, record. Things like that. Any and all help appreciated.





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