Studio One Bias FX 2 Assignment


Hey y'all. Just starting using Studio One, instead of reaper as my DAW of choice, now I cant seem to get my midi signals through to bias. 

My fcb1010 has eurekaPROM installed, and works great. When I was using Reaper, I used a second track for MIDI inputs, which then were sent to the guitar track/Bias FX.

I cant seem to find how to do that in Studio One.

In Studio One, my board is configured as a MIDI instrument, which in theory should work.

All inputs from my board are being recognized in Studio One's MIDI Monitor. The issue is when I try and assign controls to a footswitch in Bias FX 2, for example, the plugin does not recognize/receive any MIDI inputs or signals. It seems like this is just a simple set up error. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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