Re: Studio One Bias FX 2 Assignment


BIAS FX doesn't require toggling CCs, it responds to any value sent on the assigned CC. That's why UNO is basically pointless in terms of having the LEDs track ON/OFF status.
I had a VERY quick look at the S1 manual. It looks like the FCB needs to be set up as a NEW KEYBOARD, then BIAS gets dragged to a blank spot in the ARRANGER view. But that's as far as I got. Presonus gets today's award for AWFUL MIDI documentation. It also could be a problem with the S1 version. IIRC from when I trialed the demo version, some versions don't support MIDI control of VSTs. I could be wrong though, I hated everything about S1. OP - was there a reason that you switched from Reaper? Some feature of S1 that Reaper lacks?

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