Amplitube 5 on Mac with FCB1010

Joseph Hammons


I am a complete beginner in using midi.  I bought a Behringer FCB1010 on eBay with the UnO V1.0.3 to use to control Amplitube 5 on my Mac (running Big Sur).  To program the FCB1010, I also purchased the FCB/UnO Control Center version 2.  Prior to purchasing, I ran the trial version of ControlCenter which allowed you to establish a connection with the FCB1010 and upload its setups which was stated to confirm it works with your set-up.  I have the FCB1010 connected to my Mac with a USB/Midi cable  ( ) and no interface in between.  However when I try and use the Control Center to send a configuration to the FCB1010, it disconnects and I get the error "Invalid response during patchdump". FCB/UnO referred me to this forum and said to look at the Midi interface.  Since I am not using a midi interface and only a cable between my Mac and the FCB1010, will my configuration work?  Since I could upload a configuration from the FCB1010 to my Mac using the Control Center it would seem this should work.  Any ideas on what may be occurring.  Thanks in advance for any guidance anyone could provide.

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