Re: Amplitube 5 on Mac with FCB1010


You ARE using a MIDI/USB interface.  It's that box in the middle of the cable.  If it weren't a MIDI/USB interface, it would be useless, because 5-pin DIN MIDI and USB don't speak each other's language.

While the price on that one would make you think it's a decent quality, I've never heard of that brand before.  Of course, the higher price could be reflecting the USB C connector.  I hope you still have the package, because I'm fairly sure you'll want to return it.  Invalid response during patchdump means the FCB1010 didn't get the same data that the computer sent out.  If nothing else has changed, it pretty much has to be the 'Fasgear' interface.  I'd wait for Ossandust to respond, just to be sure it can't be something else, but the good ones I've heard that work are the iConnectivity 'mio', Roland UM-ONE, and M-Audio Uno.  I think there was one more, but I don't remember the name (have we started that Uno2 Compatibility List yet?).

If it's the interface, the problem is the cheaper USB/MIDI adapters don't have a large buffer (RAM memory), and a SYSEX message like the one used to program the FCB1010 is pretty large.  USB is many times faster than MIDI, and the computer just sends the whole thing as fast as it can.  The USB device can tell the computer to wait while it empties the buffer, but these companies don't even bother to program that feature.  When the buffer gets full, the data that's still coming is lost, and Control Center lets you know about it.

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