Re: Amplitube 5 on Mac with FCB1010


You see that rectangular widget on the cable? That's the interface. You may need to enable RECEIVE SYSEX on the FCB (read the FCB Manual for directions). That may have been made unnecessary on v1.0.3, but I'm not sure.

Make sure that in ControlCenter/SETUP/Select MIDI Ports that both the IN and OUT ports are set correctly. Also, the DIN connectors on those type of interfaces are usually marked IN and OUT. Counter-intuitively, the one marked IN goes to the FCB OUT and vice versa.

If it still doesn't work, odds are good that while it will work with a MIDI keyboard, and it uploaded the sysex from the FCB, it won't correctly pass the sysex that's created by ControlCenter going the other way. There's a list of compatible interfaces in the DATABASE section of the UNO area in this forum. | Databases

Among others, these are known to work: Roland UM-ONE-MK2 One in Two Out Midi Cable: Musical Instruments iConnectivity mio 1-in 1-out USB to MIDI Interface for Mac and PC: iConnectivity: Musical Instruments M-Audio Midisport Uno | Portable 1-in/1-out MIDI Interface via USB connection (16 x 16 MIDI channels),Black: Musical Instruments

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