Re: Amplitube 5 on Mac with FCB1010

Joseph Hammons

Thanks to everyone for the guidance. I’ve ordered the connectivity mio cable recommended by EJ.

On Mar 18, 2021, at 4:56 AM, ossandust <ossan.dust@...> wrote:

On Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 03:33 AM, chrisw_63 wrote:
I'd wait for Ossandust to respond
Correct and complete answers. I have nothing to add.
Or maybe 1 presumption (not a fact) : when in the selection dropdownbox the interface name is shown as something general like "USB MIDI interface", it means that the interface doesn't have its own driver, and it relies on the default driver of the OS. This has more chance to fail than a brand specific driver which normally has been tested on the different supported operating systems before release. 
The issue with the trial version communication check is that it doesn't want to interfere with the current setup in the FCB1010. Therefore it just uploads the setup from FCB1010 to computer, and checks the validity of the received sysex format. The "invalid respose" error is caused by a more extensive communication check, as mentioned in a previous reply: after each patchdump (from computer to FCB1010) the editor again requests the stored patchdump (from FCB1010 to computer), and double checks if the sent content and received content match byte-by-byte. 

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