FCB1010 to Control Global CC's on Amplitube 5

Joseph Hammons

Hi again, I am completely new to Midi and trying to use the FCB1010 with UnO firmware 1.0.3 trying to use Amplitube 5 on a Mac running Big Sur 11.2.3.  I can get the FCB1010 to control AmpliTube presets and there are some good YouTube videos on how to use the FCB expression pedals to control Amplitube wah and volume pedals and I have got that to work successfully.  The other key things I wanted to do is to control the LOOPER function and REC and REWIND in the live mode.  I can get LOOPER, to work, but not REC and REWIND.  For LOOPER, I got it to work by using Global Change Control 15 on Preset 34 and then

using Amplitube’s Learn command. 




When I then hit preset 34, it controls the Looper.  However is I clear Amplitube’s global setting and use the Learn command to set preset 34 to REC:


Nothing happens.  I have installed Midi Monitor to make sure my Mac is receiving the Midi commands and it is.



What am I missing or doing wrong?

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