Re: FCB1010 to Control Global CC's on Amplitube 5

George Morssink

Hi Joseph,

You say you could get the WAH to work. Also to get the WAH off in a preset?



Op vr 26 mrt. 2021 om 16:47 schreef Joseph Hammons <josephahammons@...>


I think we are seeing different results.  I can get LOOPER to work as well as WAH and VOLUME.  However I cannot get REC or REWIND to work.  I’m assuming those would record on a selected track  in the 8-Track recorder but nothing happens.

On Mar 25, 2021, at 8:19 PM, EJ SHELDON <bluesrock13@...> wrote:

It's only the Looper functions I have a problem with.
Keep in mind that some of the others are Toggling and some are not.
I'm not at home with my FCB, so I can't be more specific from memory.
Which others are you having trouble with?

Vriendelijke groet,

George Morssink

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