Can't configure Expression pedals CC per each preset



I bought used FCB1010, chip picture is attached. It's confiusing: the chip corrected by someones hand and says version "3" instead "2". When I oped FCB1010 pc editor it says that the chip is 1.0.2g

I can't configure Expression pedals CC per each preset, buttons are allright.  Changed CC applies to all presets(00, 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09) of Expression pedals. I have tried sending sysex using editor, as well as  manually by buttons... same problem.

For example:
Preset00. -- Expression pedal A CC value is 50.
Switch to Preset01. -- Configure  Expression pedal A to CC value 18.
Go back to Preset 00. --  Move pedal A. It sends CC value 18.

It should have stayed CC value 50...  CC value 18 applies to all presets 00,01,02,03... etc. No matter which preset I chose to configure it resets all other. By having this I only can have 2 Expression pedal values for all 10 presets. When I should have at least 20.

Any idea what should I do? It's a chip bug? If it is chip problem, which chip would be the best?

Thank you in advance

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