FCB1010 Uno Chip - Expression Pedal Independence


I have the FCB1010 controller as from Behringer (i.e. no UNO chip installed). If I program any of the ten buttons (0,1,2 ...9), to be able to send data out on the expression pedal, this must be assigned to that particular button. I want the independence of some buttons controlling what the expression pedal gets assigned to whilst other buttons do other things leaving the previously assigned expression pedal controller number in tact -- the Behriner FCB1010 can not do this but can it be done with the UNO chip?. An example will explain.

So here is the scenario I am aiming for, as an example:

Bank 1, Button 1:
 Sends a message to the continuous controller (CC), channel 2, number 10, value 64. Say this toggles record on/record off in Ableton Live.
Bank 3, Button 2:
 Maps expression pedal A to send CC values to channel 2, number 90. This would for instance enable controlling say the cut-off frequency in a Wah Wah effect.
 Sends out CC, channel 2, number 20, value 64. This would for instance turn on/off the Wah Wah effect in Ableton Live.

So here I am happily jamming away after pressing Button 2 on Bank 3 (Wah Wah) and decide, I want to record this. So I switch to bank 1 and press button 1, now since the FCB1010 was programmed without the expression pedal for this button for this bank, I have lost my Wah Wah expression :( . Typically I will have several different effects, all with different controller numbers, so I can not assigned the one controller number to them all and just use that one controller number for all my FCB1010 Buttons/Banks. If the FCB1010 is programmed for a particular button/bank, if the expression pedal is set as nothing, this effectively disables that expression pedal. Typically my FCB1010 layout has 6 banks, so I do not want to be switching banks unnecessarily.

So I am after a capability to once an expression pedal has been assigned a controller number on one button/bank, I can use other buttons/banks but not kill or reset the previously assigned controller number to the expression pedal.

So can this be done with the UNO Chip? If so, which edition of the UNO can do this?

It might also mean the FCB1010 is doomed and a different controller would be needed :( .

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