Re: FCB1010 Uno Chip - Expression Pedal Independence


It sounds like you want UNO2.

Using UNO2, FS10 can be set to call a special DIRECT BANK, in which FS1-9 always have the same assigned functions, regardless of where you were when you hit FS10.

So, in your scenario, you would hit FS10, hit the FS assigned to the RECORD function, then hit FS10 again while Ableton is counting in, returning you to wherever you were. There's no affect to the assigned Expression pedals. The only possible drawback is that, once the DIRECT BANK function is enabled, it grabs FS10 in every regular bank.

Also, the Exp Pedal assignments remain over all Banks and Presets, unless you re-assign them specifically. They can also be assigned Globally.

Additionally, you can assign a virtual "Tipswitch" or "Heelswitch" to mimic the action of a physical button, as on a real Wah. No need to dedicate a FS to that function.

Basically, you can assign any FS in any Bank to do most anything, including perform multiple actions and send multiple mixed messages of your choosing on multiple channels.

The price for this power is that UNO2 does not use a GUI editor like the stock chip or normal UNO, it requires programming in a simple programming language using a text editor, which comes with the chip, and it has a VERY good manual for it's use.

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