Re: Can't configure Expression pedals CC per each preset


I didn't mean to imply that you would traffic with pirates. The previous owner, however, may have been ethically challenged.

What is it (device? SW? Plugin?) that you're using this to control? Just curious.

"What I've meant is that I want to configure expression pedal CC number values per page and by using Switch 1/2(UP, DOWN button) change Expression pedal's CC number values. Maybe I have wrong understanding of FCB1010 architecture?"

The term "page" has no meaning. Maybe you mean "BANK"?

The UP/DOWN buttons change FCB BANKS. They only control the Switches in DIRECT Mode.
The Switches are used to control External devices that employ analog (vs MIDI) switching.

Expression Pedals are controlled per preset, the banks only control which presets are on which footswitches.

The expression pedals must either be set to values, or if not, they're deactivated. It's per preset.
You have to tell them exactly what to do in each preset, or they do nothing. There's no carryover between presets.
On Boot, they're not active at all until you select a preset.

"Preset 16 to 20 switch back to 88 CC number 84/85" - ?????

"Can't find on manual: what does "program change" options in editor do?" - Send a screenshot

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