Re: managing presets and footswitches


Further to the above.
With the UNO chip, in STOMP Mode, you can have 19 Banks of 5 STOMP type switches for CCs or NOTEs (same in every Bank) and 5 normal Preset switches.
Assuming that you'd want variety, you'd probably use the STOMP switches for CCs to turn effects ON/OFF. you could then set each bank to send one Program Change and 4 NOTEs (Arpeggios?).

With the UNO2 Chip you can have up to 200 Banks (limited by available memory) configured most any way you like.
A Bank could send a Program Change and 8 notes for a whole scale, with the 10th FS reserved for a "Direct" Bank of 9 switches that can be totally different (but stays the same in every regular bank) with the 10th switch reserved to return to regular banks.

Just some stuff to think about.

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