Programming uno problem

Charles Fox

I bought the UNO 1.04 chip and installed it, and also the software the FCB Control Center. My MIDI interface is working fine, I can see the messages from the FCB coming in with the Midi In monitor, and I have set up some global config things on the FCB and it transfers to the software OK. My issue is getting info from the software to the FCB. I can set a preset in the software up the way I want, and it functions correctly with the "simulated FCB", but when I press the "send to FCB" I get "invalid response on patchdump" on my computer, and it erases the FCB, and if I try to send MIDI info from the FCB to the software, the monitor window says "reset" for each  footswitch press. I have initialized the FCB a few times and started over, but I would really like to use this software which I paid for.

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