Re: Programming uno problem


Does sound like a cheap USB MIDI adapter problem.  For those who don't know and might be interested...  The cheaper MIDI USB adapters use an (obviously) cheap microcontroller to take MIDI from USB and send it to the DIN plug, and vice versa.  For most MIDI - notes and control messages - this works fine (assuming it works at all - not a guarantee with the cheap ones).  But the cheap micros have a very small amount of memory, and USB is much faster than MIDI.  So when Control Center tries to send the large SYSEX command to the FCB1010 at USB speeds, their tiny memory gets overwhelmed and some of the SYSEX message is lost.  Think of it like batting practice with a pitching machine.  If you're good, a few balls a minute is fairly easy to hit, no matter how fast the machine is pitching them.  Jack that machine up to a few balls per second, and the batter is going down.

The most commonly used MIDI messages are two to four bytes - tiny!.  SYSEX messages can be as small as three bytes, but that wouldn't do much, and they can be as large as needed.  The SYSEX command to program the FCB is about 2400 bytes - 800x larger than the average MIDI message (well.. average MIDI 1.0 message.  MIDI 2.0 may expand that a bit).  Many of those little microcontrollers only have 2k of RAM, and they need some of it for their program to work, so you can see how they might lose some of the message.

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