FCB1010 first steps w/UnO chip and total desesperation

Antonio Díaz

Hi there people,

I purchased some years ago this thing to a guy and I have never managed to make it work. I'm using UnO v.1..0.2 and I would love to be able to make it work with Studio One and Amplitube 4 o 5.

I have tried several MIDI editors (including FCBUnOControlCenter free version) but I just arrive to two different scenarios (none of them satisfying):

1. I can use both expression pedals in standalone Amplitube 4, while footswitches just change programs (MIDI learn does not work).

2. When I load Amplitube via Studio One, this DAW recognizes every switch (except UP and DOWN) throught MIDI monitoring, but since MIDI learn function does not work, it seems to be useless.

So my question is do I really need to create a sysex file to go? should I purchase FCBUnOControlCenter if my needs are so specific or is there any file around here that does the job?


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