Compatible MIDI - USB adapters


I'm new to the FCB1010 although my IT background means it's not a problem programming the presets and can control various midi devices from the FCB1010. So why am I posting? Well, there are some issues that I'm hoping someone can help me with. The FCB1010 is unmodified and has the original v 2.5 eprom. Tests 1 - 3 below were done using the useful Un02 Midi Monitor app (v 1.0.6)
  1. ExpA doesn't output any values and doesn't send any midi signals when operated.
  2. ExpB only outputs the start or end of the configured range, nothing in between even when moved slowly
  3. Although the foot pedals all produce the expected results and midi commends sent from the monitor out are all echoed on the midi in display, the test function returns "An invalid version response was received" or "A timeout occured during the version request."
  4.  I also tried using the FCB1010 Manger software but couldn't get it to accept a sysex from the FCB1010 after following the on screen nstructions.
It's possible that my midi-usb adapter isn't up to the job but I can't find a list of known compatible adapters. Here's the one I'm using

I tried all the above from my Mac (Mac mini intel cpu) and my Windows 10 laptop. There were seprate problems on the Mac where the Chrome browser blocked some midi i/o but the tests on the Windows laptop were done after Chrome had been uninstalled and the laptop rebooted. So looking forward to realising the potential of the FCB1010 that attracted me in the first place and upgrading to a Un02 is my aim at the moment.

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