Re: Compatible MIDI - USB adapters


What editor are you using? The only way to know for sure what's happening is to configure a sysex in an editor and send it to the FCB.
If the send fails (maybe the editor will tell you that), then it's likely a problem with the interface.
Don't forget to enable sysex on the FCB before attempting the send (RTM).
I have two, exactly identical to the one pictured, probably made in the same Chinese factory. One passes sysex, the other doesn't.
My recommendations - get the iConnectivity MIO interface. It just works, and will work with UNO2 also - mine does.
If you're going to stick with the stock chip, get UNO_ControlCenter Editor. For $22, it's the best, and worth every penny.
If you're planning on switching to UNO2, just go for it! It's a great chip!
The website allows you to test your interface to see if it's compatible with UNO2. The one I mentioned (as pictured) that worked with the regular UNO chip failed, which is when I bought the MIO.

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