Exp Pedals not working


I purchased a new FCB1010 last week control my Kronos2 and LS.  The firmware is V2.50, and my synths are also up to date.
What has me stumped is getting the two expression pedals to work.  When I follow the manual programming process to program swells, filter sweeps, etc.,they don't do anything.  To simplify programming, I have installed the FCB1010 Manager from Mountain Utilities (mac), and have successfully transmitted and received sysex, which has been somewhat helpful in determining programming successes on both the FCB and the computer editor.
Some data to help sort this out:
1) I am correctly configuring the Kronos to receive the specific pedal related MIDI commands because my standalone pedal correctly activates the target,
2) Other programmed elements do seem to work, such as cc83 to turn on an effect, or assigning a switch to trigger a MIDI note.
3) When I view the MIDI input message field in Manager, I can see real time switch activity, but the pedals don't register. 
4) When manually programming the pedal values (0-127) the pedal cannot be used to set the values as illustrated in one of the tutorial videos - I have to manually enter the values using the switches.
So, is my device faulty and the pedals are kaput, or am I missing something obvious? 
Any help would be appreciated, with thanks in advance for your time and expertise.

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