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Thanks, I have it now but the good news is that the Roland UM-ONE Mk II worked with my Mac, when I say worked, it passed the Sysex test, part of the Midi Monitor app. Have now ordered a Un02 chip and ControlCenter software


There was a problem at first, only read on if you are interested in Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina). Roland offer several different drivers for the UM-ONE, to suit 10.10, 10.11 etc. The 10.15 I used had copious instructions about setting up a copy of the device in MIDI Studio (part of the Mac’s Audio MIDI setup app) then linking the new one to the original. I did all that but the UM-ONE performed worse than my generic MIDI-USB adapter that didn’t have a driver. Using the Apple MIDI Studio was new to me so I wondered if I should have done something similar with my generic adapter. When I did, the generic was as bad as the UN-ONE so I undid all the copy device linking nonsense and the generic went back to as it was (not great) and the UN-ONE worked and appears UN02 ready. I’ll check it all when I get the Un02 chip and update the compatibility db.


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The Compatibility db is in the UNO group, in the Database section.

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