Re: Brand New FCB1010 240V model for sale


For a given power rating, a 50Hz transformer core will always be physically larger than a core needed for 60Hz operation. If a transformer is correctly designed for 50Hz operation, then it will happily operate at 60Hz. A transformer designed for 60Hz at used 50Hz may overheat depending on how the transformer is designed. Note, in the extract from the manual above, the FCB1010 is intended for 50Hz or 60Hz operation. Given the worldwide intended market and relatively low production volumes, it will most likely be more cost effective for the manufacturer to use the same transformer for all production. At final assembly and packing, the correct connections will be made and power lead packed as required for the destination marketplace. In today's world, a universal input (90-260V AC) switchmode power supply module would be much cheaper than the transformer supply used. A universal input power supply module will have no requirement to set correct input voltage connections at final assembly.

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