Re: Brand New FCB1010 240V model for sale


For those still following along (lol), I found this post:

"I opened my fcb that I bought in south America. So in the transformer you have Blue for 110V Red for 220V one of these will be disconnected depends of the voltage set in the factory (i.e.: like in my case, blue was disconnected, so red was connected cause the line in south was 220V, so I disconnect that red cable and connected the blue and everything worked perfect getting 9V AC at the yellow cables"

I found my 240V 1010 unit to be exactly as represented above, and followed the process.  I don't have a spare T100MA fuse (didn't want to risk blowing the one I have in my 120V 1010), but upon testing I'll report back with the results.
Thanks again for all the council.  Appreciated.

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