FCB/UnO Control Center (V2.1.0) vs FCB1010 Manager (Mountain Utilities V2.2.2 64-bit)


I'm auditioning both editors and have immediately noticed an odd discrepancy in how the presets are presented in the two grid forms.
I manually programmed (river-danced) the first bank "00" presets 1- to 10, and then sysex dumped to both editors.  The Manager showed presets 0:1 through 0:10 as programmed, while the Control Center showed 00.01 to 00.05 as programmed but nothing in 00.06 through 00.10, instead showing the other five presets in 05.01 through 05.05.  Additionally, presets manually programmed in banks 2,3 and 7, all slot 10, appear correctly in Manager but show up in 6:05, 6:10 and 8:10 in Control Center.
I should add the Control Center app is the demo version, so I can't test it thoroughly unless I commit the purchase.
Any help with this would be appreciated.  John

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