Re: FCB1010 first steps w/UnO chip and total desesperation


You still haven't succeeded in getting the new sysex into the FCB.
You've loaded the file into the UNO_ControlCenter (U_CC). The message you see in "MIDI Output for Preset" reflects what is in U_CC memory.
The message you see in "MIDI IN Monitor is what's in the FCB.
The message bar at the top tells you what's in U_CC memory.
The screenshot you sent shows that you're ready to send to the FCB. (I'm assuming that you did the factory reset before starting this process?)
Click the square with the down arrow. Now watch the lower right corner of the UI screen. Any messages?
If the process failed you'll see a message telling you that.
Most common reason for a failure is a MIDI Interface that doesn't transmit the full sysex.
You can try setting SETTINGS>PREFERENCES>Patchdump Communication>Use multiple smaller Sysex messages.
What MIDI Interface are you using?

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