Re: FCB1010 first steps w/UnO chip and total desesperation

Antonio Díaz

Dude, that was the problem!!! The sysex never had been in the FCB! Now it works!! I thought that "Sysex Rcv" was always on with UnO modified items. My bad!

Now my problems are WAAAY more specific, since they are just related with Studio One. As I have seen in your screenshot, you did not create any instrument track to use the FCB: AFAIK, this instrument track has to be created to control VST parameters via MIDI, and this is the way I have following with my MIDI keyboard, and it works. Strangely, I see a MIDI Learn option in your External Devices window, but that option is not in mine. Moreover, even with a Amplitube modified preset nothing seems to be working, BUT, when I tried something stupid like forcing a MIDI learn throught that very same preset, I can see it "knows" the CC# that I have previously made it learn in standalone mode.

I guess this is just a Studio One issue. If I get to solve it, I will tell you, of course.


PS: Is there any way to get a basic tutorial to create my own sysex? I have some other VST (Neural DSP, some VST's) that I would love to control with my RESURRECTED FCB!

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I've just recalled a quirk with v1.0.2f.
Before loading a new sysex and after a factory reset, you need to go into the FCB and manually set "Sysex Rcv".
Boot while holding the DOWN pedal. when the boot process finishes, the GLOBAL CONFIGURATION>DIRECT SELECT LED will be lit.
Press the UP pedal twice (thrice? I forget). The GLOBAL CONFIGURATION>CONFIG LED will be lit.
Press the "7" pedal. The LED will light. Press and hold the DOWN pedal until the reboot process starts.
The FCB should now be in RECEIVE SYSEX mode.
This process changed with later versions of UNO, and is unnecessary with UNO2, so I just forgot about it until now.

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