Re: FCB1010 first steps w/UnO chip and total desesperation

Antonio Díaz

Hi again, dude:

It seems to me that there must be another initial issue, since, althought creating a blank device and using LEARN option has done the trick, I, as I told you earlier, just can't get the FCB to go to Bank 18 (just 00-09 and 01.-09., with a full stop symbol after the number). So I just can configure 1-5 buttons and both expression pedals.

Beside this strange issue, as I can see, native S1 plugins are the only one where you can see an option to point their different parameters to the MIDI device. You told me S1 demo does not allow third party plugins, so this info is, of course, not accesible to you. That said, you do have to create that instrument/MIDI track I mentioned to use MIDI devices with other plugins. It was something I have been doing with my MIDI keyboard for a long time with many VST effects.

So the current state of my ordeal is this: I suspect there ir some basic mistake on my side because there is no visible way to active Banks 11 and above and the FCB still does not work with Amplitube 5 via S1 despite the DAW recognizes the device and has learnt the stompbox buttons and the exp pedals. Moreover, when I load a Amplitube 5 preset previously edited in Standalone mode (a preset that works just great in Standalone mode), it seems that the info it contains is recognized in S1 (in the attached picture, you can see that if I try to use the Learn option, Amplitube just don't seem to need it, since it knows the CC it should work).

Man, I don't know if you are the creator of the chip or the EPROM, but I would really like to show you my sincere gratitude by buying you a couple of beers (PayPal maybe?). A huge thanks!!!!

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Create your External Device as a Control Surface. That'll give you a blank device and a LEARN button.
Press each of the Stomp pedals consecutively, then operate each Exp Pedal, then go to Bank 18 and press pedals 8 (for the Tuner) 9 (Preset Prev) and 10 (Preset Next). This will add controllers to the Control Surface.

The reason there's no track for the FCB is because S1 uses a different method. Instead of using a MIDI track to receive the messages, then pointing the Output of that track at the VST on an Audio track (Cakewalk) or the track with whatever VST (Reaper, LIVE!), the Control Surface receives the MIDI messages. You then press/operate the FCB pedal which activates the related Control Surface knob/switch, and do whatever in the VST starts the assign process. With the native S1 plugins that means to right-click the plugin UI control you want to assign and select "Assign "X" (control name) to ControlY on FCB" (name you assigned to the Control Surface when you created it) as in my screenshot.

The question when doing this with Amplitube will be - do you operate the FCB pedal BEFORE you select the UI control (as with the S1 plugin) and LEARN or do you do the reverse as would be normal with any of the other DAWs?

You'll have to try both. Let me know what works. If I liked S1 at all, I'd buy it to try, but giving me a crippled "DEMO" was strike one.

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